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Water springs from the soil depth from natural sources or is drawn from water wells. These springs are so deep in the earth that they are protected from pollution and any direct impact from the earth’s surface. That’s why water that springs from the earth is very clean and it often has healing benefits because it contains minerals, trace elements and other ingredients taken from the depths of the earth. Mineral water is formed in the cycle of water circulation on the ground. The mineral water we drink today is, in fact, the precipitation water that had penetrated the earth for hundreds of thousands of years. During penetration, it was purified by passing through the layers of the soil and at the same time enriched with minerals, trace elements and carbon dioxide from dolomite of carbonate origin. However, to be sure today that the water we drink daily is pure, it is often necessary to use various water treatment systems. On the other hand, there are some bottled mineral waters that have kept their quality and are certainly healthy to use. In this list, read about some of the best mineral water brands.

  1. Veen

This mineral water comes from Finland, and it got its name from the Finnish epic tale where the character Veen Emonen is the source of all fresh water on Earth. It is considered very healthy, full of different minerals, and is one of the most important springs in the Finnish Lapland.

  1. Lauquen Artes

The Lauquen Artes spring is in the New Patagonia, a region of Argentina, and there are almost no other mineral water brands that can beat the quality of this one. This is a purely natural source, located on one of the most isolated locations on the planet, which is a huge plus, considering the fact it is not exposed to modern elements.

  1. Crystal Geyser

This Alpine spring water from the USA is one of the best mineral water brands of 2017. This water is marked as one of the healthiest mineral waters, as it has a high concentration of minerals and is a high-quality product. The next time you see it on the supermarket’s shelf, don’t hesitate to check it out.

  1. Badoit

This sparkling mineral water originates from France and it uses refined minerals to generate an incredible taste. It can serve as a great refreshment during the day, and carrying a bottle of this water all the time will definitely improve your health and provide you with more energy.

  1. Ferrarelle

Italy is also a very famous country when it comes to mineral water springs, and Ferrarelle is one of the best sources of mineral water. People who drink this water often say how you can taste the incredibly fine minerals in each sip of water you take, being the reason to try it.

  1. Nakd

This water that comes from New Zealand can definitely be considered as one of the luxury waters, as it provides some of the softest artesian water that can be found worldwide. It is full of minerals that are very beneficial to your health and is definitely one of the most recommended mineral water brands in 2017.