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Need a security and access control system for your business? The good news is, you are spoiled for choice given the number of solutions in the market today. The bad news is, the system you install might not work as well as you’d imagined if you make mistakes during the selection process. Below are some of the common mistake made when selecting an access control system.

  1. Losing Sight of The Goal
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There are tons of security systems available in the market with all sorts of bells and whistles. Its easy to get caught up in the features and lose sight of what you really need for your business. For a start, you should understand the problems you need to solve. Once you’ve noted down everything, start examining each product based on these problems. Find out what security inefficiency the product is addressing at your business premises.  Try to figure out how it will work on a day to day basis.

  1. Buying a System Without Seeing It in Action
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Vendors make all sorts of claims, but you need to put them to the test in the real world before forking out a ton of cash on an access control system. Make sure to see a demo or find out whether you can sign up for a free or low-cost trial before committing to the system. Ask lots of questions focusing on the features that will be used in your business regularly. Ensure that the system actually meets your specific needs.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Implementation Partner
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You need a partner who is well established to help design and install the system you are looking to deploy. The company you choose to work with should have demonstrable experience with access technology and other security systems. They should have installed several systems and have plenty of experience working with video and providing ongoing support and assistance. Don’t just install a system with a partner that might not be around two years down the line.

  1. Mismanaging Training
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A new security and access control system should be accompanied by proper training. Your employees need to understand how to use the system and how it is implemented to suit your unique environment. They will be using it on a day to day basis and are therefore one of the most critical components of a successful deployment. The length of training will depend on the complexity and size of the system. However, it should take a bout a day for most implementations. Prioritize training when seeking out a provider so that you can rest assured that whatever you spend your money on will be used to its full potential.

  1. Lack of Proper Planning for The Future
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If you install an access control system today, you are likely to need an upgrade or change over within the next decade. This could be down to changes in your operations or advancements in technology. For this reason, you need to install a system that provides room for growth without costing an arm and a leg. The solution should be flexible and extensible enough to allow for seamless upgrades and customization by the manufacturer. This will help future-proof the system and save you tons of money in replacement costs.


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