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SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) provides the backbone for a secure internet. This cryptographic protocol helps protect sensitive information as it travels across computer networks. An SSL certificate is a digitally signed certificate that helps protect a particular domain name even if it does not handle sensitive information such as payments. It is a great addition to your website as it helps protect the personal information of your users. Below are the benefits of SSL certificate.

  1. Authentication
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When information is entered on your website, you want to make sure that it’s redirected to the right server without being intercepted. After purchasing an SSL certificate, you’re also issued a server certificate to help mediate between SSL servers and browsers. This shows that the SSL certificate issuer can be trusted. If you have an SSL certificate, your customers will be able to tell if they’re really on your website or have been redirected to a phishing site.

  1. Secure Payment Processing
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To comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, you have to install an SSL certificate on your website to be able to accept payments. The certificate has to have at least 128-bit encryption. These standards help protect users when they’re entering their personal information during checkout. You will not be able to process credit card payments without the required SSL certificate.

  1. Brand Power
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Companies that issue SSL certificates often provide customers with site seals and other images to show that the site is encrypted by a well trusted company. These branded images and icons let your customers know that any information they type into your website is safe.

  1. Phishing Prevention
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You have probably been the victim of a phishing attack at some point. You opened an email containing a link that lead you to a replica of a reputable site such as Amazon. These emails are often disguised as ads for amazing deals or shipping confirmations. The agenda is to try and get your credit card information for malicious use. To prevent your customers from falling victim to phishing scams, you should install an SSL certificate since scammers are usually unable to get an authentic certificate. Your customers will be able to distinguish your website from a replica since the replica won’t have the security signs and symbols that come with an SSL certificate.

  1. Improves Customer Trust
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Your customers want to feel safe when transacting online. By securing their information and giving them a way to verify that they are indeed safe, you ensure that they have a good buying experience. Investing in SSL security is the best way to guarantee your customer’s safety when transacting online. Not only will their personal information be safe rom would be scammers, they will also be able to make payments seamlessly.

  1. Improve your Ranking
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Did you know that SSL is one of the ranking signals of Google? Having a strong HTTPS encryption on your website can affect your search rankings positively. This is a low hanging fruit for search marketers, and you should be able to implement it for your website without too much trouble.

If you don’t know how to go about setting up an SSL certificate for your new website, you can always go for managed hosting Canada. They will help with the setup process.


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