Android Nougat is set to be the best Android release yet with tonnes of improvements and new features. Here’s everything there is to know about the next iteration of Google’s mobile operating system (although very much similar to Marshmallow in terms of look).

Your new flavor of Android Nougat launched on 22nd of August, it was said to be launch on early of September but it launched in the month of August. Try this new Flavor on your Nexus device as well as on Android One.

As usual the Non-Nexus device owner has to wait a bit more to taste this Flavor on their device, but the flagship phone like SAMSUNG and LG would be on the top of the line.

It is also announced that LG V20 would be the first device to ship with Android N when it’ll launch on September 2. So, this is the good news for the one who are going to buy or thinking to change their old phone with a new one.

Nougat takes several features from their previous release i.e. Android M which is developed by individual manufacturers and rolls them into the core OS. Multi-window support is now included similar to the one which you can find in Samsung Devices, for example, you can watch online video on YouTube with your WhatsApp in in the next window at the same time basically we are talking of multi-tasking. Now enjoy the Muti-Window feature official on Android N. It also include the feature by which you can directly reply to messages and notifications without opening the relevant app.



Nougat now supports Vulkan API, which offers increased graphics performance and lower CPU loads for mobile gaming that means now you can play games and can experience high quality games at lower CPU loads. And for the emoji lovers they have the good news too as it comes with 72 new emoji and is compatible with Google Daydream, and the company’s forthcoming virtual reality platform.

Lastly, Android Nougat also come with the features of file-based encryption, the power-saving Doze mode, and also a Direct Boot for faster startup times.



  1. The most prominent feature is Multi-Window.


    Split Screen


  2. You can scale display size of the screen (dpi)


    Scale Display Size

  3. Notification: Redesign and Quick reply enabled.


    Notification: Redesign and Quick reply enabled.

  4. Multi-Language supports Emoji and App links


    Multi-Language supports Emoji and App links

  5. New Settings Menu


    New Settings Menu

  6. Data Saver


    Data Saver

  7. Vulkan, Java 8 and OpenJDK
  8. Emergency Info


    Emergency Info

These are all the most prominent feature which I personally like the most. Hope you like this article if yes, than share it with your loved ones.

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