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Having the right tools to keep track of every aspect of your business is paramount. You want to be able to monitor of the performance of your employees and the whole business at large in real time. But with a sea of business intelligence tools in the market, picking the right tools can be a mind-numbing affair. Here is a list of the best business intelligence tools available today.

  1. Microsoft Power BI Platform
Credit: Microsoft

This business intelligence tool is designed to provide multiple services such as Master Data Services, Analysis and Integration Services, Multiple client applications and Reporting Services.  The Microsoft BI Platform provides you with the flexibility you need to install reporting and analysis services such as shared service applications, standalone servers and scale-out configurations.

  1. Oracle
Credit: Oracle

This is one of the best business intelligence tools, thanks to the fact that it offers multiple services such as Oracle Enterprise BI Server, Oracle BI and Oracle Hyperion System. It offers a wide range of BI capabilities that include dashboards, full ad hoc, alerts and ardent intelligence among other BI capabilities. You can also opt for the field service management software module to help get real-time analytics of field operations.  Oracle blends perfectly well with any firm’s IT infrastructure at an amazingly low cost.

  1. AWS
Credit: AWS

This cloud-based business intelligence tool enables users to connect data in accordance to the prevailing repositories; in addition to enabling them prepare data for analysis. It is also useful for preparing business reports.

  1. SAP
Credit: SAP

SAP comes with a wide range of predictive analytic tools, thus giving users the ability to predict new trends, decide future trends and to prepare for future challenges. It has three analytic tools namely SAP Business Objects, SAP Business Intelligence and SAP NetWeaver BW.

  1. Pentaho
Credit: Pentaho

Pentaho is an open source business intelligence tool crafted specially to simplify the process of integrating and creating data. It further helps organization to derive value from any data. With its flexible and open infrastructure, extracting valuable data is seamless.

  1. IBM Cognos
Credit: IBM

This is also among the best business intelligence tools, for it helps counter the inconvenience brought about by multiple platforms, excessive usage of spreadsheets and information silos.  It simplifies the whole process of analyzing data by giving suggestions for improved performance. Most importantly, it helps users explore data from various perspectives and then compare it with rapidly changing data. This is crucial for providing a great insight into business.

  1. SAS
Credit: SAS

The SAS business intelligence tool is a leader in the world of predictive analysis. It has a well-integrated platform that offers scalability, amazing data integration and customization. It offers a one-stop-solution to virtually any BI queries.

  1. Tableau
Credit: Tableau

This is an awesome business intelligence tool that boasts an exclusive feature that is designed for implementing data visualization practices. Customers can pick their ideal visualization based on the analysis they are doing.

  1. Jaspersoft
Credit: Jaspersoft

Jaspersoft is an innovative business intelligence tool meant for interactive analysis of the end users. Users can easily alter a report’s filter settings in order to view a unique set of data. Moreover, it can be used by data analysts for writing powerful multi-faceted expressions.

  1. Qlik Technologies
Credit: Qlik Technologies

Qlik Technologies business intelligence tool empowers users to embrace innovative decision-making efforts by helping them develop, re-engineer, and maintain robust services. This further makes it easy for users to understand any type of business data. Above all, it enables users craft highly sustainable reporting solutions.