Meet Pixel Explicit Phone Google.

Meet the all new phone unveiled by Google which is named as PixelAs per the naming convection of Nexus is being concerned than the Google has not dropped it yet as LG V2o is announced to release with Nougat out of the box.

Pixel is the very owned phone by Google which comes with great feature and it’s also the first phone with the Google Assistant built in.

As said: With Great Power Comes The Great Responsibility..

This seems to be true with this phone introducing by Google.


  • Built in Google Assistance.
Create an event, set a reminder,

Create an event, set a reminder, and text your friend the info.

Relive your memories

Relive your memories from last New Year’s Eve, or quickly find the selfies you took last weekend.

Get the word or phrase

Get the word or phrase you need in 100 languages.

Check if your flight's on time

Check if your flight’s on time, look up your itinerary, and find the address of your hotel.

  • The highest rated smartphone camera. Ever.:- With a best-ever 89 DxOMark Mobile score, Pixel’s camera lets you take brilliant photos in low light, bright light or any light.



  • Unlimited storage for all your photos and videos.:- Say goodbye to those “storage is full” notifications.

And Much More… See the Official Video released below by Google.

Pixel Aluminum Design

Various Variant With Sleek Aluminium Design

Pre-Orders starts from 13th October.

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