After the successful launch of Reliance Jio there is a conflict between various Telecom companies which are coming up with various seductive plans to attract users. And among them BSNL seems to have most attractive plans for there existing and new user, which states Unlimited Broadband Rs. 249 for 300 Gb. The move can be seen as a bid counteract Reliance Jio’s mass appeal, this is a good way to attract prospective customer to BSNL broadband services.

Now you can enjoy upto 2Mbps speed for first 1Gb thereafter get 1Mbps speed for the rest of the month. And after the exhausting of 300Gb in a month, you can pay less than Re. 1 per GB of high speed data.

The plan has been introduced as an introductory offer, and will go live from Friday, September 9. It will last for six months only, after which BSNL will migrate customers to the BBG Combo ULD 499 plan, with a cost of Rs. 499 per month. The BB249 plan also offers unlimited free calls between 9pm to 7am on all Sundays to any network in India. Outside of the free call bracket, BSNL will charge Re. 1 per 3 minutes for all BSNL network outgoing calls, and Rs. 1.2 per 3 minutes for all other network outgoing calls.

The BB249 plan is available new customers only, both ADSL and FTTH. Installation charges will be waived off during the promotional period.

Telecom companies in INDIA are cutting down the price to match up the Jio’s Plan. We can see more shaking up in the market.

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