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Buying a real estate was never easy for people who live day by day, worrying will they reach the end of the month with enough money to survive. In some cases, even though more than one person works in the family, it is still not easy to sit one day and decide to buy a house. On the other side, there are incredibly rich people who simply don’t ask for the price when they like something, and with our list of the most expensive real estate in the world, you will see what we are talking about. While some people spend their whole life in a rented apartment, some other people possess at least one house on each continent, if not in each country in the world. For a person with an average income, it is almost impossible to think about this, but if you are in the position to invest in something, make sure to think and be smart before your final decision. We are sure that Real Estate CRM may help you a lot in this regard, so don’t forget to visit their website. Having a confident real estate agent, who works only for your benefit, is the most important thing when buying a house. But, this should not prevent us from learning more about the most expensive real estate in the world. We focused on those that were sold last year, for the incredible amounts of money, with the help of The Spaces. Check it out.

  1. Mount Nicholson, Hong Kong

This incredible real estate was sold for $149 million, and this should not surprise us at all, as it seems to be a real heaven on earth. Private playground, parking, swimming pool, and some other incredible features just confirm that it was worth it.

Mount Nicholson, Hong Kong
South China Morning Post
  1. 199 Knightsbridge, London

A little bit cheaper than the previous one, the real estate in the capital city of England was sold for $120 million. No matter what people think, this four-bedroom penthouse in prime central London is definitely worth it.

World's most expensive properties sold in 2017 include 199 Knightsbridge
199 Knightsbridge
  1. 432 Park Avenue, New York

Although not officially confirmed, the rumors say that this real estate was sold for $91.1 million, which is an incredible price for a “super-flat”. Admit it, you would definitely buy it if you had that money!

432 park avenue new york
DBOX for DIM Group and Macklowe Properties
  1. 454 Cuesta Way, Los Angeles

People who wanted to enjoy this magnificent real estate needed to pay around $90 million, but when you look at the picture, you definitely see why. And, believe it or not, these people are Beyoncé and Jay Z.

The Bel Air home reportedly bought by Beyoncé and Jay Z
  1. David Geffen’s Carbon Beach house, Malibu

The amazing beach house was sold for $85 million, and although he did not want to be revealed in the beginning, it was later discovered that the buyer is Mark Walter, founder and CEO of Guggenheim Partners.

David Geffen's Carbon Beach house
  1. 39 Conduit Road, Hong Kong

The penthouse that is 4,971 square ft big was sold for $67 million, and it is the fourth most expensive real estate sold in Asia last year. With a private swimming pool and parking, it is definitely worth the price.

39 Conduit Road, Hong Kong