There’s something special about receiving a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers. Whether you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or someone’s birthday, flowers are always a great choice.

However, you might not be blessed with the skill of creating beautiful floral arrangements. You might not have the time to visit your local flower shop to hem and haw over different types of bouquets.

If this is the case, online shopping is a great option. Before you add an arrangement to your shopping cart, though, it’s a good idea to ensure you’re not making these common mistakes when buying flowers online.

1. Not Double Checking the Address 

Unfortunately, many recipients don’t end up receiving their flowers due to a technical error—the purchaser putting in the wrong address. Whether you accidentally put in your own billing address or you put in the wrong unit number, it’s easy to make this mistake. This will make it so the flower shop is unable to deliver your flowers on time. Before hitting the “buy” button, always double check the address to avoid any delivery hiccups.

2. Not Checking for a Service Guarantee

It’s always best to work with a reliable and dependable flower shop that offers a guarantee. The last thing you want is for your loved one to be stuck with wilted flowers. Do some research and ensure you only choose a flower delivery service that guaranteed fresh flowers are delivered looking beautiful each and every time—guaranteed.

3. Settling for Less

You may have a very specific flower arrangement in mind when searching online. If the store you want to purchase from doesn’t have that particular arrangement on their website, don’t give up hope or settle for less. Simply call the company to inquire. The florists may be able to accommodate your custom request to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Calling the florist directly will also help if you have no idea what type of arrangement to give your loved one—speaking to the experts will help you make the right choice to ensure a delightful reaction.

4. Not Adding a Vase

A mistake most online flower shoppers don’t even think about. If you’re sending someone a beautiful bouquet via the mail, know that it will likely arrive in a box unless you state otherwise.

You can make the entire experience that much more special and memorable by ensuring you add a vase to your order. Your loved one will be sure to love a vase of flowers more than a box of blooms. It will create an instant impact, while allowing the recipient to immediately showcase their gift for all to see.

5. Ordering at the Last Minute

Of course, you want your delivery to show up at your loved one’s door while their home. You also want the flowers to be delivered on their special day—whether that’s their birthday or Valentine’s Day. This might not be possible if you order last minute. Particularly on days like Mother’s Day, florists are exceptionally busy, and they might not be able to guarantee your delivery time due to the large volume they’re dealing with. If you want a timely delivery, make sure to order well ahead of time. Plus, ordering at the last minute may also mean the type of arrangement you were hoping to gift is no longer in stock. Don’t let down your recipient due to a lack of planning.

6. Not Adding a Card

Adding a card to your delivery adds that extra special touch, letting your loved one know exactly how you feel. Cards are inexpensive and can be added to any online order—take advantage of this!