There have been some recent improvements to the production of fake leather have led to it becoming more and more common. These advancements in the manufacturing of fake leather have made it a little more challenging to spot the difference.

At first glance anyway. In no time there will be significant wear and tear on these fake leather goods. Real leather bags and products have a durability that will only get better with age.

The truth is that if you really look at some clothing or luggage that is real leather then there is no mistaking it for the real deal. But if you’re distracted or in a rush you need to know what to keep an eye out for at all times. In order to protect yourself from being scammed, we have put together some tips on being able to spot what is real and what if fake.

1. Take a look at the label

This may seem like the most obvious tip but if you have already convinced yourself that something is real leather and the store clerk says it is then why would you bother to check?

If you see that the label says real leather, 100% real leather, full leather or top grain leather, this is a good indication that you are looking at the real thing. Although labels can be deceiving so make sure you do some other checks to be certain.

2. Take a closer look

By taking a good close look at the leather you will be able to see that the structure of the material is not uniform and includes little unique details that indicate that this is natural, real leather. If the surface of the leather is very uniform in look and texture then you may be looking at a manufactured piece of clothing.

3. Feel the leather

Remember that leather is a natural material and it is impossible to replicate the feel of it exactly. The texture of the leather should not be completely smooth and when you press your finger into it you should see some wrinkles form. Fake leather often feels unnatural when you touch it and it doesn’t wrinkle in the same way skin does.

4. Smell it

If you have ever had any leather clothing you know the smell of the real deal. The rich leathery smell is impossible to replicate and is the true mark of a well-crafted item of clothing. Fake leather smells of exactly what it is made, of plastic. There really is no beating the smell test.

5. Check out some reviews of the store that you are in

If the store has a history of selling fake leather goods then that information will probably be somewhere online. Within a few days of wearing an item of clothing, it will become very clear the “leather” is not real at all and you may be able to find some negative reviews online. If the store has a great reputation then that’s awesome. With so many satisfied customers you can really get a feel for the quality of the clothing or luggage is.

6. Go to a specialist leather goods provider

If you are searching online or in store and you have found someone who specializes in leather goods then you can be very confident that they have only work with the best quality leather. As a specialty shop, you should feel confident about asking exactly where they source their leather from, if they are able to give you an answer quickly then you will know that they are being honest with you.