The year 2017 has witnessed a surge in the number of mobile applications being developed and downloaded worldwide. As of March 2017, there were 2.8 million apps in Google play store for Android users and 2.2 million apps in Apple’s App Store.

That’s a lot of apps. A lot to choose from! This article will provide the best 5 iOs Apps which every iPhone user should have.

We have listed the apps according to their utilization potential. You just don’t have to take our words for it, go through the apps’ descriptions, see if they work for you or not. If it seems logical, go ahead and download.

Let us help you to find out the 5 most Fascinating iOs Apps which are rocking the Apple’s App Store but chances are you didn’t know about them…until now!

1. Google Photos


Although Apple has a photo app and it is improved as well, it is safe to say that Google photo app is the best in the business. Backing up photos in iCloud is messy, to say the least, and hence, this app provides a much efficient and praiseworthy solution for effective cloud storage.

Best Features of Google Photos App

  • Automation: From organizing the photos according to their location to making mini films from the instant snaps taken and storing the libraries in the cloud, Google photos does everything without any manual effort.
  • Intense Search Algorithm: The search feature of google photos is remarkable. It returns accurate results for search terms like “Selfies”, “last night pics”, “photos of last week”.

Download Google Photos

2. Signal – Private Messenger


Signal is a free messenger app which is developed by Open Whisper Systems. It is famous for its security and encryption system which is military grade. Even the famous Edward Snowden has also recommended this app in his tweet:

Best features of Signal Messenger:

  • Military Grade Encryption: As stated above, Signal uses top class military-grade encryption for text messages, voice calls, media file shares, and group messages.
  • Open Source Messaging Service: Signal Messenger is the only open source messaging service app available. Feel free to code your way in! if you can’t code, there are many prime app development services which can do it for you.

Download Signal – Private Messenger

3. Kitchen Stories


If you are a cooking freak and Apple’s products fan then this is just the app for you. Kitchen stories. With step by step video procedures of hundreds of tasty dishes, Kitchen stories app just takes the limelight away from its competitors.

Best features of Kitchen Stories:

  • Compatibility with Apple’s Other Products: Kitchen stories is compatible with Apple’s tvOS and watchOS. One can easily synchronize the shopping list through this app on weekly basis.
  • HD Video Recipes: Find video recipes of hundreds of dishes prepared by executive chefs from all around the world!

Download Kitchen Stories

4. Zombies, Run!


Zombies, Run! is co-created with the help of Naomi Alderman who is well known for her award-winning science fiction novel “The Power”. This App is an audio drama app which helps you visualize zombies around. This way, you run and stay fit.

Best Features of Zombies, Run!: 

  • Interactive Gameplay-Cum-Fitness App: Zombies, Run! the app is a perfect blend of zombies apocalypse, running around and completing dramatic missions.
  • Gripping Storyline: The story that the app builds is quite gripping and solving all the mysterious tasks keep you running.

Download Kitchen Stories

5. Better Blocker


There are numerous ad blockers out there in the app market but this one is a premium one. Literally, it is not for free. Better blocker by blocks all the spammy ads and educates users how they can harm their device as well as privacy. It also supports good ads who are trying to add a certain value to your browsing experience.

Best Features of Better Blocker: 

  • Blocks all the spammy ads: Better blocker blocks pixels and scripts which are tracking in nature and can compromise your privacy.
  • Effectively Lightweight: Ethical Design Manifesto’s principles are followed to block spam ads and scripts and with this, the entire process becomes effective and the app becomes lightweight.

Download Better Blocker